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Two different sizes of variable platforms and slopes.

The elements of the Gabi Tumbling Platform, used in Pikler pedagogy, can be assembled in various ways. Any of the angled sides of the elements can be joined together. To ensure safety, each element of the Gabi Tumbling Platform must be secured with a special anti-slip tool.

By attaching the short and long elements of the platform to each other, a larger surface is created on which children can initially crawl and climb, and later enjoy stepping on. The use of sloping, inclined elements provides a new challenge for climbing children in terms of balance and posture. They will enjoy sliding on it, climbing on it and playing with different toys. Independent children will also enjoy running up and down and playing on the sloping elements of the Gabi Tumbling Platform.

The Gabi Tumbling Platform is made of solid beech wood. The surface is hand polished and oiled.

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Weight 26.5 kg
Dimensions 80 × 40 × 40 cm


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