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It is recommended for children who are already kneeling or standing up by holding on to fixed objects, or climbing on other furniture. Initially they climb to the bottom step, step down and familiarise themselves with the platform. Later, when they become confident, they try to climb the steps.

The Pikler Triangular Ladder can be supplemented with a ramp/slide. In all cases care must be taken to ensure that the ramp/slide is properly attached to the Pikler Triangular Ladder. The Pikler Triangular Ladder with Ramp/Slide is even more challenging for children. They walk up and down, slide down or roll objects on it. It is advisable to attach the Pikler Triangular Ladder to one side so that the child can choose the platform.

The Pikler Triangular Ladder is made of solid beech wood. The surface is hand polished and oiled.

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 82 × 86 × 13 cm


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